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Catalog of the Polish automotive and aviation parts industry

We kindly invite you to read the catalog on the Polish automotive and aviation parts industry.
Parts and accessories, Aerospace, Manufacture of transport equipment | 06.03.2018 11:11

Drones - the Future of Aviation

Drone manufacturers are experiencing a dynamic growth. Potential value ascribed to the global market is estimated at the level exceeding USD 130 billion. We discuss successes and progress made in the domain of unmanned aviation with Michał Zawadzak, editor of the first Polish drone-focused websit...
Aerospace, Manufacture of transport equipment | 01.03.2018 13:05

Polish Motor Group: what was 2017 like and what should we expect from 2018?

We are talking about last year’s events and looking at prospects for the new year - 2018, with Adam Sikorski - President of the Polish Motor Group and PZL Sędziszów SA - the oldest Polish producer of filters.
Parts and accessories, Manufacture of transport equipment, Aerospace | 08.02.2018 10:23

Polish industry promotion programs kick off

"Promotion of Polish economy based on Polish brands - Polish Economy Brand" sub-measure 3.3.2 project dedicated to SMEs has been launched by Polish Investment and Trade Agency.
Construction, Construction and architecture, Jewelry industry, Furniture, Furniture production | 11.12.2017 13:43