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Polish parts in the Boeing’s heart

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Anna Woińska | 2018-10-22 09:36:28
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On March 26, 2018, the "Aerospace & Defense Supplier Summit", the largest event for aircraft parts manufacturers in the USA, began in Seattle. This is the first industry event at which the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) is organizing a Polish information and promotion stand in connection with the implementation of the industry promotion program for the aerospace and automotive parts.

"Aerospace & Defense Supplier Summit" is a prestigious trade fair related to the supply chain that gathers representatives of the aviation and defense industries, both suppliers and producers. This is where big companies like Boeing meet, whose factories are located in nearby Everett (where Dreamliners for PLL LOT were built), with small and medium-sized companies - their current and potential suppliers. During the last edition of the fair, 11,000 registered meetings were held between 850 exhibitors from 40 countries. Over 1500 people took part in the event itself.


This year's ADSS conference is attended by suppliers of parts from all over the world, including Poland.


Due to their prestigious nature, "Aerospace & Defense Supplier Summit" found themselves in the group of fairs, during which PAIH promotes the industry of aircraft and automotive parts (sub-measure 3.3.2 of the Intelligent Development Operational Program). The national stand prepared by the Agency gives Polish producers a unique opportunity to present a trade offer and establish important business relationships.


PAIH delegates participating in the ADSS, from the left: Adrian Huta (PAIH expert in the BRAND program), Marek Sieczkowski (PAIH Project Manager), Robert Zawadzki (the Deputy Director of the PAIH Business Promotion Department), Karolina Zatorska (ZBH Los Angeles manager)


- Poland has a significant share in the global aviation industry. For nearly a hundred years, many aircraft designs and their components have been created on the Vistula River, which have gained recognition all over the world. Today, in every plane in the world you can find at least one part produced in our country. - emphasizes Robert Zawadzki, Deputy Director of the Economic Promotion Department at PAIH. - Most of the aviation parts manufactured in Poland are sent to the USA, Germany, Italy, Canada or South Korea. International cooperation is not only about the foreign expansion of our companies. It is also the development of the entire economy, because services related to this sector are connected with the use of the most modern technologies. The innovations developed penetrate other sectors of the economy, becoming the basis for technological progress - he adds.


The ADSS conference creates unique opportunities to learn about the latest trends in the aviation industry supply chain. Polish producers are increasingly perceived by major customers such as the American Boeing.


Modern aviation and astronautics is one of the most forward-looking directions of the American economy. Thanks to effective cooperation, the products of this sector belong to the most important export positions of our country to the United States. It is estimated that Polish exports to the US will grow strongly this year. Over the last five years, it has increased by more than 50 percent. In 2016, goods worth USD 5.97 billion were exported to the Ocean.


- The Polish aviation industry currently has 160 entities employing 27,000 engineers, generating turnover of USD 3 billion. Among them, companies with North American capital have a very strong position, therefore the presence at the Seattle fair may prove crucial in the foreign expansion of Polish producers of aircraft parts - explains Adrian Huta from the Polish Aviation Industry Association, PAIH expert.


There are over 70 Polish companies operating in the United States or with Polish capital, and the total investment value is over USD 2 billion USD. The American Chamber of Commerce in Poland estimates the total value of US investment commitment in Poland at about 40 billion dollars, and employment - about 200 thousand. people. For many years, investments from the USA have been in the first place in terms of the number of projects supported by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (previously PAIiIZ).


Among the most important investment decisions of the USA in Poland in the last 10 years, investments should be listed:

  • GM Manufacturing in Tychy (EUR 300 million),
  • GM Mfg in Gliwice (215 million euros),
  • Goodrich Landing (EUR 46 million),
  • Polonia Aero (EUR 45 million),
  • UTC Aerospace (EUR 40 million),
  • Nexteer Automotive (EUR 35 milion).


There are over 1.4 thousand people in the world. airlines that operate around 26 thousand aircraft using nearly 4 thousand airports. Every day over 100,000 are performed flights, with 10 million passengers and goods with an estimated value of 18 billion US dollars. The share of aviation in global GDP has already reached USD 2.7 trillion (3.5% in 2014). Experts estimate that in 2034 this figure will double and reach the level of 5.9 trillion dollars (an increase of 122 percent compared to the data from 2014). The global aviation industry employs 9.9 million employees - including in airlines, airports, traffic control. Another 52.8 million jobs were created thanks to air transport. In 2034, the airline industry will employ nearly 100 million people.

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