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Great interest in Polish drones in Israel

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Anna Woińska | 2018-10-26 15:37:07
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On 15 October 2018, in Rishon le-Cijjon (Israel), an international conference on unmanned systems AUS & R (Unmanned Systems and Robotics) took place. Poland was represented by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency.

The most advanced works on unmanned systems are carried out today by Israel and the USA. They use them not only by military forces, for example for observation or reconnaissance, but more and more applications are found in such areas as: rescue, agriculture, energy or transport. Experts estimate that already around 2025, in the European Union, in the airspace will perform various tasks on a daily basis about 400 thousand. professional unmanned vessels, and the total revenues from their work will be counted in tens of billions of euros.



- Poland, wanting to develop this sector dynamically, must cooperate with industry leaders - emphasizes Dariusz Werschner, PAIH expert in the BRAND program, President of the Board of the Polish Chamber of Unmanned Systems - our presence at AUS & R has created the opportunity to establish fruitful relationships that, I hope, will translate for joint projects.



The AUS&R conference is one of the most important events of the aviation industry, unmanned systems. After the success of previous editions, the organizers this year decided to expand the event with special screenings of the most innovative solutions, which resulted in great interest. During the conference, the Polish Parliament listened to the full hall, and the pavilion built by PAIH became a real international forum for exchanging experiences.



In Poland, the market for unmanned systems has been developing dynamically for several years and its value is constantly growing. In terms of sales revenues in 2017, it amounted to PLN 251 million, while two years earlier it was PLN 164 million. The results achieved are mainly due to small and medium-sized enterprises, startups and a few scientific centers. Poland has one of the most modern regulatory solutions when it comes to drones, thanks to which over 100,000 years are here. such devices. In Poland in September 2018, over 8.5 thousand licensed drone operators were registered - this is a world leader.

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